The journey to the VIII International Congress en Etudes québécoises en Indet et à l’étranger in Himachal Pradesh University had been long and arduous. Teaching of French in India was and continues to be complex and multidimensional. French existed in pockets across the country; innovative techniques were not reachable; teachers were scattered; we needed a cohesive body. Thus was borne the Association of Indian teachers of French (AITF). Today we are 30 years. A systematic plan of action conditioned by financial constraints was however undertaken - preparation of text books in consonance with our cultural background, training of teachers, holding of seminars and conferences both national and international and other allied activities were consistently carried out.


Our collaboration with the International Association of Quebec studies (AIEQ) is an important milestone. The congress is an inspired event marked with the Director General of AIEQ, Mme Chantal Houdet’s untiring efforts. This endeavour will generate and promote Quebec studies in French departments in universities across the country.

2017 is significant for us. AIEQ celebrates its 20th anniversary, Ministry of International Relations, Quebec, commemorates its 50th anniversary and Shastri is soon stepping into its golden jubilee year. This Congress will set the tone for future activities and provide the much needed impetus to the growth of francophone studies, especially Quebec studies in our curriculum. At this juncture we collectively reiterate our commitments to the teaching of French and Francophone studies in India.

I take this opportunity to thank the Vice-Chancellor of Himachal Pradesh University Prof. Arun Diwaker Nath Bajpai for his encouragement and unstinted support.

The AITF places its gratitude on record to the Ministry of International Relations, Quebec, AIEQ, Bureau du Québec at Mumbai and Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute for esteemed presence in this congress.

Our thanks are also due to Mr. Dominc Marcotte, Consul & Director, Bureau du Québec at Mumbai, Dr. Prachi Kaul, Director-India Office, Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, Prof. Jean-Marc Defays, President, Fédération internationale des Professeurs de français (FIPF) and Ms. Chantal Houdet for being part of this congress. Their presence is testimony of their dedication to the cause of French and Francophone Studies.

Above all, on behalf of all our members; the AITF places on record its sincere and heartfelt appreciation to the all those who made this congress successful.

We, the teachers of French, have many miles to go and we sincerely believe we will all walk together towards our cherished goals.



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